Miss Judy Re-fit

 Miss Judy Too has been refitted and can now take up to 10 passengers! 

Spend a day on the water with Captain Judy





 Captain Judy is holding a nice scamp! 


Miss Judy Charters hasn’t changed!


Captain Ken Kennickell and Captain Deidra Helmey Jeffcoat are still taking up to six passengers from near shore artificial reefs to Savannah Snapper Bank to the Gulf Stream! 

We are still offering inshore trips on 21-foot boats, which can accommodate up to four passengers. 


Captain Judy Helmey is still taking up to 6 passengers to the Snapper Banks as she has for over forty years.  There is no change here! 


The only changes made have been that she now can now take up to 10 passengers to the offshore artificial reefs, inshore bottom fishing and shark fishing in the sound, crabbing, and sightseeing!


Here are some possibilities….

Think about special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, company outings, net workings strategy trips, or just a plain wanting to get “out on the water day” with family or friends trips!  Captain Judy is offering 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 hours trips. And now you can bring up to 10 passengers!


 If you don’t see the kind of boating/fishing trip that you interested, please give me a call and let me personally customize a boat trip especially for your group! 




Here’s a little about the new 10 passenger trips offered!



Artificial Reef Trips


Artificial Reef Trips Offshore 4, 5, 6, 7, to 8 Hours Fishing Trips Up to 10 Passengers  

These are great offshore trips! The reason being is that “it’s a short boat ride to the fish.”  It takes about 1 to 11/2 hours to get to the fish.  However, it’s not a boring ride. You could find yourself seeing sea turtles, sea birds, schooling stingrays, and dolphins. Our artificial reefs offer both bottom fishing and trolling.  The type of fishing that you do is based on “what has been biting!”  Captain Judy fishes all of the time and knows exactly which bite is the best. On the bottom black sea bass, sand perch, trigger fish, spot tail pin fish, tomtates, blue runner, pig fish, blue fish, flounder, grouper, sheepshead, cobia, and shark are normally lurking in the lower water column. Our top water line up is also very impressive. There is a possibility for king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, spadefish, jack crevalle, blue fish, amberjack, and ladyfish while visiting the trolling arena.  This makes for a lot of fun in the catching department, because you really never know what you might catch.  After all “it’s the ocean.”  With that being said, “Any fish you wish is possible!”   



 Captain Kathy Brown is holding up a nice trophy red fish that was caught while bottom fishing at the artificial reefs.  The bottom line to these artificial trips is you never know what you might catch! 



Just fishing in the sound!



Sound and River Fishing Trips 4, 5, 6, 7, to 8 Hours Fishing Trips Up to 10 Passengers

For those that love to fish and catch this is the “specialty trip for you!”  We have what is called “the old shark hole!”  This is a catching event not a swimming event! When bottom fishing you could catch sharks, croaker, flounder, cobia, tarpon, stripped burr-fish, blue fish, lizardfish, stingrays, ladyfish, whiting, oyster toadfish, and many other fish types. 


Small to large sharks…

Shark tales…

There’s a lots of interesting things to learn about these so called “man eating creatures!”  For instance: Did you know that when you rub the skin of a shark one way it appears to be smooth, but reverse it and it feels like very course sand paper.  Their eyelids cover their eyes from bottom not from the top like us humans.  (There are many more interesting facts about the sharks that Captain Judy and Captain Kathy will be glad to share with you!) In the fish-fighting department “sharks are strong fighters offering up lots of action and excitement! Shark meat is also very good to eat.   However, we only keep a few!  This is a light tackle, mostly release, watching the sharks swim off, kind of a fishing trip!   Don’t forget to bring your camera!  This trip is rated excellent for “All Catching Ages!” These trips are great for children and adults who want a chance to have a “Close Encounter” with a shark.  You can see the ocean, the barrier islands, but aren’t outside the outer beaches-so “no rocking and rolling motion included with this trip!” 



 Sporting Crabbing Trip 


Ask Captain Judy how to hypnotize a blue crab!

This is a great family trip in which all get to take part in the catching fun.  Let’s talk a bit about crabbing.  It called “Sport Crabbing,” but should be called “Fun Crabbing!”  It’s a “hands” on type of trip where you get to inch an eating crab to the surface and then dip it up.  (On some occasions we have even caught some diamond back turtles.) It’s an old time favorite, because all you need is a string, piece of chicken/fish, and a special style weight to hold your bait offering on the bottom.  It’s old fashion and simple, but lots of fun to catch a blue crab with a hand line.  This is not only a great trip for children, but also for those that are young at heart, which in my book, covers everyone.  The good news is that blue crabs are great to eat, which boils down to  “cooking or not!” We especially like to practice on this trip “Catching, seeing, touching, and releasing!” 


Please meet Smiley our resident dolphin!

Sightseeing the Captain Judy Way!



It’s not the garden tour, but it certainly does sound like it!

Three hour Boat ride

Up to ten passengers

$575.00 (remember to tip the first mate) 

For those of you that don’t want to fish or crab this would be the trip for you to take.


The creeks, rivers, and sounds in this area are beautiful!  After all we have marshes along with their wild life and even those creatures that live down under.  The secret to all of this is to know what you are looking at as well as for.  Believe me Captain Judy knows how to point things out that you wouldn’t even have noticed.  You could get the opportunity to see dolphin, seabirds, turtle, sharks, and alligators in the wild.  To add to this already colorful list you can add beautiful marshes and scenic waterfront homes sometimes referred to in our area as southern mansions.  Since Captain Judy has lived in this area all of her life she knows a lot of stories pertaining to the homes in this area.  Although there are “The good, bad, and ugly stories,” she always asked, “Which version would you like to hear?”  And of course if you want the entire version she is always up for that too!  So if it’s a looking as well as a boat riding adventure that you have in mind you might not want to skip this one!



Please meet Mr. Knees, which is Miss Judy Charter’s resident dock greeting bird.  Here’s the funny thing, this bird is known as Miss Knees at my dock and as Zeke at Hogan’s Marina.  Yes, it’s the same bird, because its toe was broken and when it healed it now sticks straight up.  Ok, I will try and get a picture so that I can show you!


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